5 Different Ways to Relieve Stress

In life we all experience some form of stress, whether it be because of some school related nuisance, your boyfriend/girlfriend isn’t gonna come home with you for the holiday you wanted or you couldn’t buy your favorite pair of shoes because you had to pay a bill instead. Though vastly different, all of these situations have something in common.. they stress us out. In order to relieve some of this stress, I have put together 5 tips to help jumpstart your individual stress relief process.

  1. Write in a Journal: I used to detest writing as a kid. With mild ADD, it is extremely hard for me to focus on one thing for a long period of time I used to shy away from any writing experience until I was forced to. Now, it all makes so much since. When I was initially going through the loss of my grandmother (with whom I was extremely close to ) I wrote in a journal a lot and it helped me a lot in the grieving process.
  1. Listen to your favorite music: Music makes the world go around! It always helps my mood in any situation to add a distraction and a different perspective on whatever is stressing me out at the time. Add a little dance and you just might forget what the problem was!
  1. Take a bubble bath with candles: This is a little more on the romantic side so it can be for you and a partner after a long week or you can use this as a little “me” time. Go to the store, grab you a bath bomb, light some candles (you can add number 2 here and listen to your music also) and you are all set for the perfect way to end a long day
  1. Get a massage: Now, this seems so cliché like everyone knows to get a massage when trying to relieve stress, but I think that the combination of the prices and the commonality of the thought of getting a massage causes people to overlook actively going to get massages. So, I suggest going on groupon (I’ve recently become hip to this) and seeing when you can snag a deal to help get you your next massage.
  1. Exercise: Last bust most certainly not least, we have good old fashioned exercise. Exercise comes in many different forms, but finding what you like to do and incorporating it in your everyday will really make a difference in the way you feel I promise! Try it out!

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