In what areas, at 22, can I live a better life?

I think that in order to live a healthy life, especially at a young age with basically no money, it takes effort in multiple areas…in your relationships, spiritually, mentally and physically. In order to do this you have to make it through the trial and error phase to find what really works for you. People often misconstrue and generalize healthiness as just a physical thing (yes, food counts as physical) but its so much deeper than that. Living a healthy life is living a life where you challenge yourself to be better each and every day and live without regrets. Happy is healthy and although sometimes doing things that make you too happy will produce bad results (such as eating a 4th burger in the same week just because you want it or continuing to go back to that man/woman that makes you happy but only temporarily), the first step is deciding what makes you happy and making all of these changes fit into your own unique constraints. So figure out what makes you feel your best, and then go from there.

#FineFitFearless #EvolveWithE #FindYourBE



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