So, I’m at a Restaurant.. What should I eat?

This is a question I am always asked, like what should I do when I want to go out and have a good time with friends and family? Well, there are a few small steps you can take to improvement below:

  1. Bread on the table? Politely ask the waiter to take it away. (you can also take a small piece, if you must have some, and then ask the waiter to take the remainder)
  2. Stick with balanced meals or a nice salad (you don’t have to get smothered pork chops and gravy with mashed potatoes and French fries lol) If you get one “bad” thing try to make sure the other two are healthier options
  3. Inquire about how the food is prepared (request that they hold all of the butter and substitute for olive oil)
  4. Go with water, not soda. I mean, this is kind of logical lol Soda is SO BAD for you and water with lemon helps with digestion (if you can, ask for water with no ice – the cold shocks your digestive system and slows digestion)
  5. If you are going to drink, drink straight or get it skinny. There are so many calories and sugar in alcoholic beverages. Try to eliminate as many of these as possible.
  6. Last thing, don’t get dessert. That voice in the back of your head is lying to you.. you don’t need it, but if you MUST indulge.. try eating only half of the portion. (Give the rest to a friend lol)

#FineFitFearless #EvolveWithE #FindYourBE


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