What does an ideal day of eating look like?

Diet advice is literally all over the place. Some experts will tell you portion control, others will tell you sugar is the devil. I think the best thing to do is to do what is best for you and see what keeps you happy and gives you the results you want. Although this may vary per person, Here are a few things to keep in mind when thinking about everyday eating:

  1. Have a meal or small snack every 3-4 hours (approx. 6 small meals/snacks) to keep your metabolism going constantly throughout the day. This helps to prevent binge eating and blood sugar spikes.
  2. Try to add protein every meal. At breakfast, make sure a healthy fat is somewhere in there. At lunch, add a complex carb. At dinner, make sure 50% is veggies
  3. Eat one sweet potato a day. (I did insanity and Shaun T lives by this rule – he says it works wonders for your body)
  4. Drink water often. At least 8 glasses of water a day is standard; emphasis on standard.
  5. Diversify your food bank. Make sure you aren’t eating the same thing all week every single week because that’s not nice to your taste buds J
  6. Make sure you do some form of exercise at least 3 times a week.


Sample Daily Breakdown:

Breakfast: Fruit, 1/2 cup or 4oz Starch, Protein, Dairy, Fat

Snack: Fruit, nuts, other snack options (I will explore in a later post)

Lunch: Protein, Veggies, Complex Carb

Snack: Fruit, nuts, other snack options

Dinner: Protein, Veggies

Snack: Enjoy a healthy frozen fruit bar! 🙂

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