What made me blog about being healthy?

At 22, most people think that you don’t have to care about your health as much as you do when you are in your older years. This common misconception is the reason most of us have so many health issues in our later stages of life. “What you do in your youth you inherit in your old age,” is a phrase my Aunt used to drill in my head for years. While her sentiments are true, it took me a few years to wrap my brain around the fact that this means I need to start making better choices NOW (annoying right?). So, that’s what made me decide to blog about my journey to becoming more health conscious and truly incorporating healthier habits in my lifestyle while still enjoying the life I have grown to love. The question is, what does this even mean? To be.. “healthy.” I want this to be a safe space for growth, and the purpose of my blog is to explore and to expand understanding of holistic healthiness and all that it entails including, but not limited to, relationships, spirituality and physical and mental health. I hope you enjoy! 

#FineFitFearless #EvolveWithE #FindYourBE


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