Are My Standards too High?

There was a point along my journey to self-awareness that I questioned whether or not this set of ideas or guidelines or this framework of “make it or break it” things I have in my mind I call standards too… high. Then I had to sit and evaluate what “too high” meant. I asked myself: too high for what? too high for whom? what’s low? what’s just right?

I got caught up in figuring out how I should view my perspective love interests (which would be me loving people for reasons I think I should) and how I wanted to view them. Now don’t get me wrong, I can be a VERY picky girl. I am very particular in almost everything I do so it only makes sense for me to be the same way with this.. but I have learned to evaluate what is important to me and what isn’t.

The most valuable thing to take from this is there is no such thing. God made someone just for every single one of us and if we spend our time tending to someone who we are settling for we just might miss our blessing.


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