Gender Roles. What’s the Big Deal?

Being in college in 2017, I have sat in various programs and had many discussions on “Gender Roles” and the stigmas around them.  Some questions asked: Just because our ancestors lived by them, why do we have to?  I’m a woman. Why can’t I do what a man can?

I grew up in a two parent household. My mom does laundry and my dad and my brother take out the trash and my dad cuts the grass (well, he used to lol) and My mom does most of the cooking – my dad cooks occasionally. I say that to say this is what works for them and because that is what I saw growing up, that is what makes sense to me. I don’t see anything wrong with that, but when I get married if my husband just loves to do laundry then I will let him do that.

Just as a woman is capable of doing what a man can do, a man is capable of doing what a woman can do. I personally know how to cut grass, but I’m not doing to go do it just to prove a point.

I think the main thing to think about when discussing gender roles is to realize that in relationships, the most important thing is discussing what the two partners expect and want out of your relationship and trying your best not to deviate from that. Make sure when you meet people you are having the right conversations. Something like gender roles and views on gender specific tasks I deem an important convo to have! The journey to happiness is realizing what you like/love and finding someone who you can share life and experiences with that doesn’t compromise those things.


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