My Experience with the 14 day Master Cleanse (Popularly known as the Beyoncé Lemonade Diet)

First off, I would like to set a disclaimer… this cleanse is as intense as it sounds. I have successfully completed it twice and the second time it was equally as tumultuous as the first.  I sent it to numerous friends and all of them started the first day and on average made it through the 3rd day before they called it quits. You can find what I sent out down below.

I would say that I would never do it again (and I probably won’t for a very long time) because the detox tea would make my stomach hurt every morning and I love food way too much. It did make me lose weight though and I felt like I had lots of energy and I was a lot more focused on other things because I wasn’t worried about what I was going to eat next every single second of the day. So, it was refreshing in some aspects and it does do the job. Also, for me it was a test of will-power. It takes sheer discipline to complete this and if you are up for the challenge, I say try it out and channel your inner beyoncé ❤

The cleanse consists of 3 phases: Ease-in, Cleanse, and Ease-Out. 

Ease-in: 1-2 days 

This phase isn’t necessary but is recommended. I’ve read a few different options for this phase but what I did was just fast half of the day and eat light at night for two days. I tried the lemonade mix a few days before to test out the waters. Lol But just eat lightly like mainly fruits, veggies and maybe fish for two days.

Cleanse10 days 

Okay, this is the monster. Lol You basically just have 3 things to drink every day.. For 10 days minimum. Some people will do this for like 40 days but I like food too much- the choice is yours. If you want to start off small and just do a few days then go for it! I would recommend doing 10 to get the full detox. NO CHEATING. Literally. Or its not going to work and you will have wasted your money and time.

That’s one thing that is different about this cleanse, the originating purpose was to detoxify and significant weight loss came as a supplement, but people (like Beyonce for Dreamgirls) use it to lose weight in a short amount of time. So, if you cheat it messes everything up. So… just don’t cheat. Pray through the temptation.

Mornings: Salt Water Flush (optional) 

Take two teaspoons of sea salt (non iodized, no table salt) and mix into 1L of water. Drink as quickly as you can. (i did 2 tablespoons the first time and almost DIED)

They say you should lay on your right side for 30 mins after to help it move through your body. It’s nasty but it works. You WILL have to use the bathroom and don’t pass gas.. You may have to change your undies 🙂 no joke. Lol But this basically acts as an eliminator that will make your body force the solution out and lots of other bad things with it!

Sidenote: I only did this on day 1 and 10. You can do it however often you please, but it MUST be done the morning of the first day.

Day Time: 6-12 Servings of lemonade

Recipe for Lemonade: (it doesn’t taste bad at all without the pepper)

  • 2 Tablespoons of lemon juice
  • 2 Tablespoons of Grade B Maple Syrup (they don’t make Grade B anymore really. You can get Grade A that says DARK, ROBUST TASTE) – Muy Importante
  • 1/10 teaspoon cayenne pepper (like a pinch.. I bought the pill form cause I couldn’t drink that spicy stuff- if you get the 500ml pills.. Take one every other drink
  • 10 oz of purified water (do not do this with tap water.. You will die lol)

And that’s it 🙂 Drink at least 6 a day. 2:30-3:00 hours in between ( I recommend 8)

Night Time: Detox Tea – Smooth Move 

Drink one of these every single night. You have to in order to keep yourself regular. I know for a fact all of these can be bought at whole foods.

Ease-Out: 3 days 

Day 1- Orange Juice Only 

Drink 3L of 100% orange juice not from concentrate. You may want to dilute with water the first day.

Day 2- Orange Juice and Soup

Juicing, Blending, Soups (no canned soup. Eww) and Broths (No solid food. you can do smoothies.)

I made a veggie soup that was actually SO BOMB. The recipe is attached in this email.  

Day 3- OJ, Soup, Veggies, Salad, Fruit 

Drink fresh-squeezed organic orange juice in the morning.

At noon have some more of the organic vegetable soup.

For the evening meal have whatever is desired in the form of organic vegetables, salads or fruit only. Do not eat meat, fish, eggs, bread, pastries, caffeinated tea or coffee, alcohol, sugar or milk.

Day 4- Regular Healthy Eating

Some people will gain a lot of weight after the cleanse binge eating. DO NOT DO THIS. I would recommend staying within the following constraints for like.. Ever lol — excluding special occasions and the occasional roll or two 🙂

-No Red Meat

-No Dairy

-No White Wheat (Only brown ride, quinoa, whole GRAIN breads)

-No fried food

-No juice from concentrate (Water is better for you and better to you! Hello Beautiful Skin!!)

-Any time you can choose a gluten free option, choose it. (Whole foods has a variety of snacks that taste pretty good!)




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