What does ”Dating” look like in 2017?

This is a very intricate question, but I will try to explore it on the most simple level.

“Dating” I believe is a lost art form of some sort. lol I say that because a man actively courting a woman has so much beauty to it and these days, I’m not sure how much of this particular art is being practiced in its true potential.

With so much access to every person and all facets of their life through social media and the internet, people have simply gotten…lazy. You no longer have to take someone out to get to know them, you can text, FaceTime, snap chat, e-mail or casually talk on the phone at whatever point throughout the day, wherever you are. These forms of access have definitely positively affected many aspects of life, but when it comes to interpersonal communication it has been a hinderance. People don’t know how to communicate in person any more. Thats a major problem. Especially in intimate relationships.

I think that in order to turn the tide a woman (or man) must demand to be treated a certain way and if the prospective person is not wiling to do these things then do what? move. forward. That brings me to the compromise factor… NEVER compromise these things you desire from someone. Decide what you want (within reason) and stick to it. Now don’t misunderstand me, in relationships all you do is compromise, but this isn’t a relationship we are discussing this is a prospective relationship and it’s not fair to operate one way and then when you progress your relationship to another level and you are expecting something different. That’s confusing.

I say all of this to say, if my grandmother was courted I feel like I deserve the same thing. Some may agree, some may disagree. Although it may look differently than it did back in the day, there are still some parallels. So, don’t feel like because courting isn’t as normal anymore makes it wrong. Stand up for what you want. You deserve it 🙂


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