About E

Hello Beautiful People! My name is Erika Norrell. I am a junior, marketing major at Howard University. As I have been matriculating through life, I have always taken an interest in healthy eating, exercise, and exploring my happiness mentally whether it be in relationships with other people, my intimate relations or my relationship with God. Along my journey thus far, I have learned and am learning so much about myself. I think its important for everyone to spend the extra time to get to know themselves and find their “BE” as I would call it. Your “BE” is your best version of you in your existence, whatever you define that existence as. There were moments in my life where I sat down and evaluated my happiness and I was in such a bad place, so I decided then that I would make every effort to never be in that dark place again and strive to find out who I am, what I love and how I could feed my soul. I believe that to be happy AND healthy is to explore ways to live a better life in all aspects not just eating and exercising. On my blog, I will share some of the things I have learned and also to explore relationship advice (where I hope you will comment and create a dialogue with me) and fun new ways to feel great, look great and not be afraid of change while doing it. So, I hope with the help of my site you will embrace your #FineFitFearless self and #FindYourBE to start being a healthier, happier you too!

Thanks for stopping by!

XoXo, E